Black Water Rafting: 30th Anniversary Campaign Microsite Design

Black Water Rafting is one of the most famous adventure in New Zealand North Island. As it has been operated for 30 years, the team decide to celebrate. This website is full of fun facts during the past 30 years and offer 20% off to invite people to be part of the legendary.

My Role

I am in charge of UI & UX design of this micro-website

The Team

Work with graphic designer, marketing specialist, external copywriter and front-end developer to deliver this project


Sketch. Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator

UI Design

I created UI design for this campaign.


Loading the experience

The loading screen trying to highlight the name of the micro-website: The most fun you can have in the dark.


Fun Fact Page

I use minimal design to help users focus on the background photos and the fun fact.



There are 30 facts so it needs a well designed navigation. It helps users navigate among different pages.

Other Design Notes

As Black Water Rafing operates in the cave, the micro-website use black as its main theme color. It generates the same excitement when take the Black Water Rafting Tour in the cave.


Design for Mobile

The micro-website needs to perform smoothly on all devices which requires optimisation for imagery on mobiles.


Lead Generation

The team also want to expand their customer database through this campaign. Therefore, get more leads is one of the goal as well.