El Monte RV Holidays: RV rentals since 1995

El Monte website has been build and used for over years, its user experience and interface do not suit the goal of the business anymore. Therefore, we run a review project to give feedback and actionalble sugestions to help the business to acheieve short term wins and long term plan.

My Role

UX & UI designer to provide low fidelity wirefrmae and UI concept. As well as building the Trello board for the plan.

The Team

I work with UX designer, product manager and business stakeholders.


Trello. Sketch. Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop.

UX & UI Review

Based on Trello, we provide short term and long term plans and actionable suggestions for each key pages of the website. We tag the tickets with priority so the business stakeholders know where to start and what impact the changes might make on revenue and user experience.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

I created wireframes for our team to have more discussions before move on to UI design.

image box 1
image box 1
image box 1

UI Concept Design

The following are the UI concept design for the website.

image box 1